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Automotive car parts webshop FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important things to know about

Our webshop sells discount car parts, which means that we sell and ship with prices that are lower than the typical market price, and thanks to our shipping option, where we ship the product for to you for free, our prices are lower than our competition, which means that you can order car parts, accessories and a wide range of tools at a lower price.

You can order countless (more than 400,000) car parts with nonstop shipping on working days. What’s more, we don’t just sell the ‘usual’ parts, we also sell parts for car electricity and electric cars – batteries, different kinds of bulbs, switches, window lifter, central locking system, immobilizer, GPS navigation, car Hi-Fi accessories, parking sensors, inverters and much more…

In order to deliver your ordered product as fast as possible, we employ our own carrier service where shipping is free on orders above 12.700 Ft (10.000 Ft + VAT), below this price shipping costs only 500 Ft.

Besides this, you can personally take your order home with you in more than eight cities – this makes us stand out from other webshops. The aforementioned cities are the following (you can click on the links to check the shops’ opening hours): Car part shop Budaörs, Car part shop Kaposvár, Car part shop Székesfehérvár, Car part shop Miskolc, Car part shop Győr, Car part shop Szombathely, Car part shop Debrecen, Car part shop Szeged (I may be wrong, but I also added Budaörs, Kaposvár and Székesfehérvár to the list since according to the site there are pick-up points in these cities, and I thought that the other cities are in the FAQ because similar shops will open soon.

Also important to mention is that you can order car parts on weekends as well as our shops are open on Saturdays, as our webshop customer service too. Cars are almost our life, so we know how it feels when our car suddenly throws in the towel, so we want to spare you the feeling of helpless waiting.

Compared to traditional offline car part shops, what kind of advantages does your online car part webshop has?

Besides the previously mentioned advantages (cheap price and great shipping – since transporting car parts is especially hard without a car) it’s also important to mention that our database can be easily searched via the modern car part search program that runs on our servers. It’s a great advantage for every car part webshop that the potential customers don’t have to put a lot of effort into searching and buying for their desired products. This means that even if a car part webshop has all the products offered in a great price, they can become successful only if they keep their promises.

Retail, especially the selling of car parts has its own science which must be learned. Our colleagues have years of experience, some of them even learned abroad, meaning that everyone had time to learn this profession.

You can access our database, which is a search-optimized online part catalogue, via the internet from your home or basically anywhere from your phone or tablet – also, our database is updated regularly, which means that you’ll find only up-to-date information here.

All you have to do is find the search bar in the upper left corner and type in the product you want to search for. If you know the exact name of the part, type that and the make of the car. If the searched term was exact and we only sell one type (meaning we don’t sell both original factory and aftermarket part), then you’ll have one result only, and it’s a straightforward process from here.

If you don’t know the part’s exact name, then you can browse our list of parts for your car by searching for the car. Our webshop offers a clean looking interface where you can clearly see the parts. You can also search for product numbers, which is the most precise type of search that provides only one result (however, it will not produce results if there is a typo in the number or if we no longer sell this item).

Since this is a webshop, once you’ve found the item you’re looking for, you can place an order directly from your computer or your phone!
If you want to do any kind of repair, modification, improvement or maintenance on your car and you need cheap parts that you can buy near your home, then ordering your car parts online is the best solution for you.

How can I use the website’s item number search?

You can read more about searching for items by item number on the previous answer’s second paragraph. You can also search by entering the item number in the search field found on the top right corner of the site. Since this is essentially the same search engine as the top left one, you can also search for parts by car type or part name.

Can I buy unique parts from you via money transfer, and if so, how long is the shipping time?

Yes, we import unique car parts as well. However, as this is not an item in stock where you’d pay for your order via cash on delivery or in our store, we accept money transfers in advance only. The shipping time varies, and also depends on the type of the part. Our colleagues can give you further information regarding this issue on the following number: 20-466-10-88 or the following email:

What type of original car parts do you sell?

We sell original car parts for the following brands (you can click on any link to open the catalogue, or you can search it on the top left corner of the website): Audi parts, VW parts, Honda parts, BMW parts, Ford parts, Fiat parts, Citroen parts, Peugeot parts, Lada parts, Mercedes parts, Skoda parts, Suzuki parts, Volvo parts

Do you sell aftermarket parts as well?

We have a limited stock of aftermarket parts, mainly hubcaps, but our product range is being constantly expanded, so be sure to check back soon! If you search for the type of car in the aforementioned search field and the parts’ name, then you can see if we sell aftermarket parts for that specific car. Aftermarket parts have these tags: aftermarket, original-like or original quality.

Do you sell new car parts only or parts from dismantled cars as well?

As the goal of our mission is to find parts for our customers as soon as possible, we thought of those who don’t want to buy new parts for every single repair.

Do you sell wash fluid for car part washer devices?

We not only sell several types of these fluids, but also many type of devices and brushes as well!

Do you sell storage for car parts, and if so, what types?

We sell many types of storage such as boxes, cabinets and shelves. With the help of these, you can say goodbye to the constant messiness of your garage.

Do you sell test equipment for car parts and systems?

Yes, we sell these types of equipment as well. We sell several types of battery testers, spark plug testers, brake oil testers, fuel pump for diesel based vehicles, injector tester, brake system vacuum tester and ABS tester.

How is it possible that there are constant discounts in your store?

A car part seller company can be successful only if people buy their products. Since the most important factor when ordering something is the price, besides the quality, we also provide cheap prices. It’s true that we have smaller profits on these cheap products, but since this means that more people buy from us, everyone profits. Also, as we know it from experience, it’s good to cause others joy.

What kind of solution do you offer in case one of your customers’ experiences quality related problems with the bought part?

We offer warrantee on all products except the parts from the dismantled cars, as they are their own category. For further information, please refer to this link or to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ link on the bottom of the page.